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Stage Shows


We've been entertaining Children since 2009, it's what we absolutely LOVE to do!  

Our shows are totally unique! Written and produced by Kim Holder all our scripts, characters, choreography and even some of the music are all completely ORIGINAL CREATIONS!

With catchy songs, imaginative scripts, colourful costumes and set, lively puppets, magic and super fun and silly actors we love to capture the hearts and minds of families as we take them on a make-believe adventure bringing their IMAGINATIONS TO LIFE. 

Our shows are SUPER INTERACTIVE allowing families to join in with magic, singing, dancing and lots more! We have however creatively adapted our performances so they are just as much FUN but strictly follow the government guidelines to ensure they are COVID SAFE for everyone!

Our shows can be provided as a stand alone product however many have ACCOMPANYING story times or workshops which complement them and work well for a timetable of events throughout a school holiday or weekend event. For this reason you can also MIX AND MATCH our shows with accompanying services such as giant bubbles, mini parades or a live disco to provide a selection of versatile entertainment in the themes of your choice. 

 We can provide staging, set, basic lighting, PA system, mics and a stage technician with every big stage show and have a more basic set up for smaller spaces.  It is also possible to set up our performances using your own stage and lights if that's something as a venue you already provide.  Our shows are perfectly written for theatres too.  We'll adapt to your space, so whether you have a performance area that's big or small we can provide some GREAT ENTERTAINMENT for your event.


All of our scripts, characters, show concepts and show titles are copyrighted.  Performances of all or part of these scripts must be by permission of the author only!

Full Scale Stage Shows

These shows include: 

  • Between 3-5 performers

  • 1 Stage technician

  • Professional PA system and head mics

  • Full set

  • Staging (optional if you provide your own)

  • Lighting (optional if you provide your own)

  • Approx 45 mins long

Mrs Sprocket's Rocket Rescue©

A heart warming Halloween show starring Mrs Sprocket, Vladd the Vampire and Shadow the Cat.

The trusty trio must go on a mission in to space to rescue their monster pal Rascal. His space ship has crashed and he's all alone...or his he?


This show will transport children on an adventure that's out of this world!

Story Times
Warm At Last©

With Mrs Sprocket and Tobias The Toad

Mona The Scaredy Cat©

With Shadow The Cat

Captain Bluebeard and The Missing Treasure©
IMG_5186 2.HEIC

Jump aboard the The Pretty Polly and join our shipmates on a daring adventure to find their missing treasure.


 Through sing a longs, pirate jigs and a bit of help from Ozzy the octopus will they catch the naughty Captain Bluebeard?

Story Time
The Magic Pearl©

With Coral The Mermaid and Velma the Fish

Learn To Be a Pirate
or Mermaid©

With The Crew

The Garden Shed Gang - To The Rescue©
GSG piggy back.jpg

Ever wanted to know who lives at the bottom of the garden?...Gnomes, fairies and a very clever caterpillar.

Everyday is a sunny one down by the shed and there's lots of fun to be had, but there's been a disaster at the allotment and they need your help and a little bit of magic to save the day!

Story Times
A Fishy Tale©

With Seth The Garden Gnome

How To Plant a seed.jpg
The Fairy and The Seed©

With Fleur The Fairy

The Clownatics©
Clownatics Group Pic.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 4.27.59 PM.png

Join our friendly and very silly clowns as they are on a mission to find out what Luna is up to!  


Slapstick comedy scenes, a marching band, silly jokes, magic tricks, juggling, great dance routines, banana skins and laughter for all the family!

Games Sessions
The clownatics.jpg

Clown around with the characters in our fun games sessions.  


Watch our silly clowns entertain your guests on the move to comical music with silly dance routines, skits and oversized props!

Fairies On Safari©
IMG_5722 (1).jpg

Meet Flick, Fern, Guss and Moonbeam the fairies as they adventure across the jungle to find their best friend Mr Trunks!


The coolest street dancing Elephant you'll ever meet. He's got all the moves!

With lots of fun surprises along the way and a sprinkling of fairy dust, this is a wonderful fairy themed show with an exotic twist!

Story Time
Moonbeam's story time.jpg
Moonbeam's Jungle Adventure©

With Moonbeam the Fairy 

Seaside Sally and Her Swashbuckling Pirates©
Seaside Sally Pic 1.jpg

Meet Seaside Sally and her swashbuckling pirates featuring Barnacle Bob, for an adventure to Palm Tree Island.


It's Sally's birthday but has anyone remembered? Something fishy is going on because all the crew seem to be too busy to celebrate.


This seaside journey tells a tale of friendship and sandy surprises!

Story Time
Saphy The Mermaid.jpg
A Mermaid Party©

With Saphy The Mermaid

Learn To Be a Pirate
or Mermaid©

With The Crew

Gilbert's Golden Bogies©

Gilbert's been splashing in cold rainy puddles without his welly boots on and he's caught the dragon flu!...Do dragon's really have golden bogies?  

Only the crazy alchemist Wise Wilbert can cure him but he's going to need help.


Filled with magic, medieval raps, giant hot water bottles and loud dragon sneezes this is an oversized medieval tale with a modern twist!

Story Time
Gilbert's Golden Egg©

With Maid Marigold and Gilbert

IMG_5070 3.JPG
Dance with Gilbert©

With Maid Marigold and Gilbert

Meet Gilbert!
King Ogre's Smelly Socks and The Magic Ruby Necklace©

Join in with all the booing, singing and magic spells in this spellbinding Halloween pantomime.  


Queen Amelinda has been kidnapped by the smelly King Ogre.  Will the two witches work their magic in time to help her escape?

A bewitching tale where unexpected friendships are made!

Halloween Panto Banner.jpg
Story Times

With Queen Amelinda

Queen Amelinda.jpg
Arabella Slugbuster The Great Witch Detective©

With Mavis Flosswart

Small Scale Stage Shows

These shows include: 

  • 2 performers

  • Smaller professional PA system and head mics operated by performers

  • Full scale backdrop and decorated performance space

  • Staging (optional if you provide your own)

  • Lighting (optional if you provide your own)

  • Approx 25-40 mins long


Join April and Clover for their egg-citing Easter show.


This fun and bouncy spring packed show is filled with silly mishaps and mayhem. 


There's a flour frenzy in the hot cross bake off, a droopy woopy sunflower disaster and don't forget Blossom the cheeky bunny who's trying to eat all of the chocolate. 

Kim's on Safari and ready to party!

Meet Mr Trunks the street dancing Elephant, he just loves to dance and teach you new moves, then there's Reggie the playful monkey who's been up to some mischief!  

There's lots of adventure to be found in the jungle. How many animals will you meet in this fully interactive, up beat show filled with singing, dancing and groovy jungle beats?!

Jungle Party©
Monster, Magic and Mischief Show©

Meet Ziggy and Cleo in our monsterific mini Halloween show! 

It's the Zombie Queen's birthday and there's a monster on the loose, spooky singing to be sung and mysterious magical mayhem that will have everyone joining in the fun!

Treasure Quest©

Join Pirate Polly and Mermaid Meg as they sail across the sea to look for their treasure.  Trouble is they've forgotten where they have buried it!

Where could it be? Join them on their quest.

Starring Velma The Puffer Fish!

56f04309-90fa-46cd-9b8b-08bed6567d2e 2.j
IMG_5070 3.JPG

Learn to dance like a dragon​ with Gilbert.   He's got all the roaresome moves and so does his best friend Maid Marigold!

Filled with bespoke groovy moves as well as all the well known traditional party dances,  kids will love following along with the dancing fun! 

Dance With Gilbert©

Don't forget you can MIX & MATCH our services.

Click HERE to head over to our 'Entertainment Extras' page for inspiration! 

For more information and/or a bespoke quote on any of our
'Stage Show' packages please EMAIL us or give us a CALL!
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