Interactive Story Times

Here are a selection of our stories which can be hired as standalone entertainment or can accompany some of our stage shows or other services as part of a daily timetable of events.  With so many themes and story lines available there's LOTS TO CHOOSE FROM.

 Our interactive story times are totally unique! Written and produced by Kim Holder, all stories, characters, and the majority of our performance content are ORIGINAL CREATIONS including some of the music.  We do also incorporate well known rhyme times and popular songs which we know children love to join in with.  

Our characters love bringing children's IMAGINATIONS TO LIFE through puppets, singing, dancing, rhyme and even a little magic, making our story times super interactive. However we have creatively adapted our performances so they are just as much FUN but strictly follow the government guidelines to ensure they are COVID SAFE for everyone!

 We can provide staging, backdrop, basic lighting, PA system and mics for every story time performance. It is also possible to set up our performances using your own stage and lights if that's something as a venue you already provide.  Likewise we can perform in smaller venues with a more basic set up.  We'll adapt to your space, so whether you have a performance area that's big or small we can provide a MAGICAL STORY TIME for your event.


All of our scripts, characters, story time concepts and story titles are copyrighted.  Performances of all or part of these scripts must be by permission of the author only!


  • Blossom's Chocolate Adventure©

  • Betty Bug and the Ugly Bug Ball©

  • A Fishy Tale©

  • Woolly The Rainbow Sheep©


  • The Legend of The Autumn Harvest Moon©

  • Warm at Last©

  • Arabella Slugbuster The Great Witch Detective©

  • Mona The Scaredy Cat©

  • The Lonely Scarecrow©

  • Gilbert's Golden Egg©


  • Gilbert's Golden Egg©

  • Moonbeam's Jungle Adventure©

  • The Fairy and The Seedling©

  • Unicorn Tales - with Crystal The Unicorn©

  • Mr and Mrs Rainbow©


  • A Mermaid Party©

  • The Magic Pearl©

  • Treasure By Chance©


  • Super Pants©

  • Polly Anna and The Dancing Toys©

  • Marmalade's Hat©

  • Nutmag's Decoration Disaster©


  • Unicorn Tales - with Crystal The Unicorn©

  • Monster Tales©

  • Teddy Bear Tales©

Dive in to the box to find the clues that help to tell the story.  

Filled with singing, dancing and magical tales!

Accompanying Teddy Bear

Hospital Workshop


We also offer smaller story time sessions for libraries, fetes, nurseries, book stores and cafes.

These sessions can be based on favourite well known books or indeed our own original stories depending on the theme of your session/event.

Don't forget you can MIX & MATCH our services.

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For more information and/or a bespoke quote on any of our
'Interactive Story Time' packages please EMAIL us or give us a CALL!


We are now certified in infection control including Covid 19 as a Children's Activity provider.  We have strict protocols in place for all of the entertainment activities which we are able to provide under the current government guidelines including detailed risk assessments, so we can provide maximum fun for all, as safely as possible!  For more information on our safety protocols please email us!

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